• Newsletter 02-2012 May 12 
    Coffee farmers in Peru
    Klaus Töpfer supports CarbonFix
    CarbonFix expands to Western Africa

  • Newsletter 01-2012 Feb 12 
    Joint side-event: FSC & CarbonFix
    COP17 - Tell us
    CarbonFix Standard v3.2 released

  • Newsletter 03-2011 Sep 11 
    First PoA project certified under CarbonFix
    IFCA starting up
    CarbonFix Standard v3.2 in development

  • Newsletter 02-2011 Jul 11 
    Dutch project
    State of the Voluntary Carbon Market 2011
    CarbonFix goes for A/R CDM methodology

  • Newsletter 01-2011 Jan 11
    ICROA accepts CarbonFix Standard
    COP16 - Side event - Presentations
    Demand for a Forest Carbon Association

  • Newsletter 03-2010 Nov 10 
    CarbonFix Standard v3.1
    5 new Projects
    CarbonFix in Canada

  • Newsletter 02-2010 Apr 10
    Criteria of the German ETA
    CarbonFix at the CarbonExpo 2010
    1% for the Planet 

  • Newsletter 01-2010 Jan 10 
    Webcast COP15
    3 new Projects under Pre-validation
    CarbonFix Standard v3.0 - Spanish

  • Newsletter 05-2009 Nov 09 
    VCS and CarbonFix top in Review
    COP15 - Side event - Presentations 
    Relaunch of CarbonFix website

  • Newsletter 04-2009 Aug 09 
    CarbonFix Standard v3.0
    CFS Pipeline grows weekly
    Forestry Carbon Market & REDD 2009

  • Newsletter 03-2009  Jun 09 
    Public review - CarbonFix Standard for v3.0
    Partnership with TZ1
    Project pre-validated

  • Newsletter 02-2009 Apr 09 
    Review of Voluntary Carbon Standards
    Ex-ante vs. Ex-post credits
    CO2OL on the parth to certification 

  • Newsletter 01-2009 Feb 09 
    Green Carbon Credits
    CO2-brokers gain new opportunities
    CO2code - trace CO2neutrality

  • Newsletter 05-2008 Dec 08 
    Evaluation of forestry standards
    COP14 - Side event - Presentations  

  • Newsletter 04-2008 Oct 08 
    Web-tutorials Online
    First Project webpage
    Update on the CarbonFix Standard

  • Newsletter 03-2008 Jul 08 
    Projects can now apply for CFS
    First CFS certification by the end of July
    Project web-information available by mid-July

  • Newsletter 02-2008 Jun 08
    First pilot project under validation
    New partners
    Selling of first CO2-certificates by June

  • Newsletter 01-2008 Apr 08
    Successful public review
    Second version of the CFS by May
    Website getting restructured


Newsletter 02-2012

The Guardian Environmental Network reports
Coffee farmers in Peru look to carbon market

Thousands of smallholder coffee farmers scattered throughout the Andes Mountains are learning how to adapt to extreme weather through a project spearheaded by Fairtrade brand Cafédirect. Matilda Lee reports from Peru. Go to the [article]. Watch the [video].


Former director of UNEP
Klaus Töpfer supports CarbonFix 

The team of CarbonFix is honored by the encouraging words of Klaus Töpfer:  "CarbonFix is an essential part of the carbon market to drive climate forestation projects worldwide.".
Mr. Töpfer, who headed the organization of UNEP for eight years, managed to bring the topic of environmental sustainability to the world's front page news and to make it a central aspect of international development goals. Mr. Töpfer is known internationally for his commitment to sustainable development, and for fighting for the cause of the developing world. 


Worldwide projects
CarbonFix expands to Western Africa

With PROJECT TOGO CarbonFix expands to Western Africa. Although, the country of Togo is one of the smaller countries in Africa, a rich variety of landscapes ranging from lagoons to mountain areas and savanna land, can be explored. Togo remains one of the poorest countries of this world; one of the most criticized problems is the issue of human trafficking. 
For this project, the Togolese NGO AVES has partnered with the German organization natureOffice and now teaches communities how to re-forest their country. "Our goal is one million trees in the first two years" states Andreas Weckwert from natureOffice. This would make the project the largest climate forestation project in Western Africa. 
More information can be found under:   or
Project Developers Corner
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