Choosing the right pendant lights for your home

pendant light

Pendant light can make your home looking amazing. Choosing the right pendant light is, however, a challenge for most homeowners. You need to know some guidelines when buying these types of lights so that you choose the right fit for your home. The following considerations are important when choosing pendant lights.

Check the space to place the light

It is wise that you have a close look the space in the room where you intend to place your light. Measure the size as well as the scale of the room. Is it the dining room, kitchen or your entrance hall? How big the area is will also help you choose what is right. Depending on the size, you can tell if one pendant can be enough or if you will need more to get the amount of light you need.dinning

Purpose of the light

You need to know if you need a lighting solution to brighten the whole room or some softer light that you can put on at night to reduce the risk of falling or tripping. Get to know if you want to create a feature in your home which will become a focal point. These are very important factors, and you need to examine each of them one by one to identify what you expect of this lighting solution before deciding.

Position of the pendant

You need to now focus on the exact location of the pendant in the room. Bear in mind that for kitchen spaces, you should focus the pendant above the island of the kitchen to brighten up the area where you will be making the family meals. In the dining, you need to place it directly on the table to highlight the table. For the bedroom, you need to place one pendant on each side of your bed to replace the bedside lamps.

Consider your desired height

The room where you place the light and the ceiling height should help you determine the height of the pendant light. Your pendant light should hang at least 1.5 meters from the floor in the dining room. Also, make sure it hangs over the table but in a way that does not obstruct your view of the table making it easy to speak to everyone across the table anytime. In the kitchen, the light should not interfere with your functionality space so you can mount it higher to ensure it is not in the way when you are busy in the kitchen.

Room décor

roomdecorThe final factor you have to consider is the room décor. Your room design, the furniture you chose and the color scheme all play a big role in choosing the best pendant light. They should make a statement, standout and become the focal point. They also need to provide the amount of light you require.

You can play around with pendant if you know this guideline and make your home look elegant with enough light.