The CarbonFix Standard has merged into the Gold Standard in 2012.

Please be aware that the content of this website is the content of the former CarbonFix website - which is not kept up-to-date.

Questions & Answers

I have a CarbonFix certified project, what will happen with me?

The CarbonFix approach and methodology forms the core part of Gold Standard 'A/R Requirements’ (link). Existing CarbonFix projects may transition using the 'CarbonFix Transition Guideline' (link).


I am a buyer interested to buy Gold Standard credits from a former CarbonFix project, where can I get them?

Just as before you can contact the projects directly. Their contact details are on the individual project pages.

For further questions please contact:

Moriz Vohrer
M +49 178 3488 717
S  morizv