Important news

The Gold Standard is delighted to have announced today, the 18th of September, at its annual conference in Geneva that it will acquire The CarbonFix Standard to establish the foundation of its expansion into the land-use and forests sector. 
This ground-breaking acquisition is the first of its kind in the carbon market and combines the two highest standards in the voluntary market. It will build immediate capacity in afforestation/reforestation and for the development of other land-use methodologies such as Improved Forest Management and Climate-Smart Agriculture.

The association CarbonFix e.V. will dissolve itself and we would like to thank everybody for the great cooperation in the past years.

Please be aware that the content of this website is the content of the former CarbonFix website - which is not kept up-to-date.

Questions & Answers

I have a CarbonFix certified project, what will happen with me?

The current CarbonFix approach and methodologies will form a core part of Gold Standard 'A/R Requirements’ (link). They will be launched by the mid of 2013 and will include new rules and procedures for the certification under Gold Standard. This will involve a technical alignment of the CarbonFix Standard with Gold Standard procedures, governance structures and infrastructure.

Existing CarbonFix projects may transition using the 'CarbonFix Transition Guideline' (link). Until the 'A/R Requirements’ are released, the CarbonFix Standard remains applicable and you can continue your current CarbonFix project as before, but under the Terms of the Gold Standard. 

I'm a project developer and I'm interesting in developing a project under the CarbonFix Standard. What do I have to do, now?

The CarbonFix Standard remains applicable until Gold Standard 'A/R Requirements’ is launched in mid-2013. So, during this time, you will be able to prepare your project information according to the criteria and procedures outlined in the CarbonFix Standard v3.2. 
Please note, that with a certification under the CarbonFix Standard you will not be Gold Standard project. Once Gold Standard Gold Standard 'A/R Requirements’ are released, a gap analysis will be undertaken, which will advise on what additional steps might be needed to meet Gold Standard 'A/R Requirements’. There is a possibility that your project will find direct approval under the new Gold Standard scope for afforestations / reforestation - but there is no guarantee in any way.
Until the certification under the new Gold Standard  scope is achieved, no Gold Standard forestry credits are issued.


I am a buyer interested to buy CarbonFix credits, where can I get them?

Just as before you can contact the projects directly. Their contact details are on the individual project pages.

For further questions please contact:

Questions regarding the technical integration
Moriz Vohrer
M +49 178 3488 717
T  +41 22 7887 080
S  morizv

Communication questions
Tanya Petersen
T +41 22 7887080